Give Me A Brake

I just received custom brackets to mount up the R35 GTR OEM Brembo brakes that were made by Danny, owner of Slammered INC located in Florida. The brackets are CNC’d out of solid billet aluminum. When I opened up the box and seen them I was VERY impressed with the quality. This is a top notch part from a top notch shop! Make sure you check out

The Crown Jewl

The biggest challenge was finding the right intake setup. I was going to make a custom manifold, but just to get flanges made were either crazy expensive or really cheap, but would take forever. My good friend Dave Harry owner of got ahold of Kevin Thornton owner of Extrudabody to get me a ITB setup. The detail and quality of the Extrudabody ITB’s is second to none. In the last pic you can see one of my new wheels. SSR SP3′s.

Rear End….All Nissan, Keep It In The Family

We scraped the Ford rear idea and went back to Nissan to keep it in the family! We used the Murano subframe and it bolts perfectly up to the chassis. With the Murano rear Dif being very weak we chose a 350Z rear Dif with a LSD. We modified the Dif mounts by raising them up being that the Murano is based off an SUV platform. We also have the engine permanently mounted.

Tunnel & Firewall progress

The V8altima project is comming along. We have the tunnel and firewall almost completed. The next step of this build will be the rollcage. Check out the pics below on the progress, this is one build you don’t want to miss!

Colin welding the firewall.

New firewall is almost complete.

Driveshaft tunnel is almost complete.

Tunnel Job

We have begun the fabrication of the tunnel that will house the G37 Transmission and the driveshaft.


Here is a teaser pic of the monstorous VK56DE in the bay…. We shown this similar pic before but what you don’t see in this pic is the custom subframe thats almost complete! You want to check back with us on this project!


GT-R R35 Brembo Brake Setup

Well, I decided on my brake set up for the project. I had my heart set on getting the GTR Brembo setup from a R35 but it was very difficult finding a set (I mean come on who really would replace these?) or they are close to $14,000 brand new from Nissan. I got these from AMS Performance in Chicago off one of their project cars. Let me just say I got them for a good deal. Some of you are wondering “How am I going to mount these badboys?” Well I have someone that has engineered brackets and a following post will follow soon about them. This build feels like its taking forever, so sit tight more updates will be comming soon!

Clutch/Flywheel setup is ready….

This is the ACT Clutch installed on the custom made flywheel made by my friends over at Neo’s Garage. This is the first known setup that will mate up the 6 speed Infiniti G37 trans to a VK56DE!

AIM MXL Strada Cluster

I got my AIM MXL Strada cluster in today! Now I can start working on my dash. This unit even feels like quality when you hold it. Its heavier then I thought. There are so many features in this unit. The MXL Strada is a digital dash and gauge, that includes the harness to connect to 12V power and your supported ECU. The MXL Strada will display any available channels and high and low alarms can be configured.  The MXL Strada has an lap time input for adding the optional lap time receiver and transmitter.With standard features including a wide, fully configurable display, six configurable alarm LED’s, and backlight, the MXL is a stylish, powerful display for performance vehicles. I can’t wait to see this thing in action!

Happy Holidays! would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season!

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